Hoboaxe Cigar box guitar is the sister company of Nikita Guitars

James Mellozzo,

Creator of Nikita Custom Guitars has started a new company called Hoboaxe Cigar box guitar, James has been building guitars for the stars for over a decade and he has set his sights on upping the game on Cigar Box guitars. Since CBG have become very popular in the media a lot of his big name guitar players have asked James to build them a professional grade cigar box guitar that has the quality to be able to be played on stage in a bigger venue, James hah answered there request with some of the most innovative CBG ever built. He has used his years of skill and talent to bring the instrument to a new level of sound and playability. You can find Hoboaxe guitars at www.hoboaxe.comIf your thinking of buying a CBG Hoboaxe is the way to go, the real deal

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