The Tone Guys and Nikita Guitars announce collaboration

The Tone Guys and Nikita Guitars announce collaboration HoboAxe / Dylan Pickups / Jersey Shore Guitar Garage

By Jimmi SoldoFebruary, 11 2014

Hoboaxe Cigar Box Guitars of Central Valley, NY- Co-creators of The Tone Guys website, an online source where guitarplayers can come to create their own unique guitar sound: Dylan McKerchie of Dylan Pickups and Jimmi Soldo of Jersey Shore Guitar Garage announced today their collaboration with James Mellozzo of Nikita Custom Guitars effective February 10, 2014.

Company CEOs are expected to meet later thismonth to discuss the final details of the relationship. The collaborators expect this merger to improve investor confidence and widen its customerbase. In addition to retail guitars, Nikita will now offer a full line of Dylan Pickups and electronics by Jersey Shore Guitar Garage both as stock equipment in their own line of instruments, and for retailsale in their web store, and likewise The Tone Guys/Dylan Pickups/Jersey Shore Guitar Garage willbecome official sponsors of Nikita Custom Guitars and offer web links and direct retail access to Nikita instruments in all its retail outlets. In addition to retail work, Nikita Custom Guitars, Dylan Pickups, and Jersey Shore Guitar Garage will embark upon a series of signature models for signed artists, the purpose of this program isto gain media exposure for this merger and add to the already strong and rapidly growing reputation ofall the companies involved. The first of these projects is already in the works as it will be a Hobo Axecigar box guitar 4 string baritone instrument created for none other than Luther Dickinson of the Black Crows

“Dickinson was featured in an issue of Rolling Stone as one of the new guitar gods. He is one of the true blues-rock guitaristscontinuing the southern style with Jimi Hendrix and Duane Allman similarities. He shows influence from Mississippi FredMcDowell, Mississippi John Hurt and Furry Lewis on the acoustic guitar. He has recorded with the Replacements, Mojo Nixon, Beck, ToyCaldwell, Billy Lee Riley, John Medeski and Robert Randolph [as The Word], John Hiatt, Jon Spencer, Otha Turner, Shawn Lane, R. L.Burnside and Jim Dickinson.On November 27, 2007, it was announced Dickinson would take on guitarist duties for The Black Crowes. His recording debut with the band was on Warpaint in 2008,[1] and he has since appeared on the 2009 Black Crowes release Before the Frost...Until the Freeze.[2]Dickinsoncurrently tours with the North Mississippi Allstars.”

For more information on the companies involved please visit the respective website. For NikitaCustom Guitars visit: For Dylan Pickups visit: Jersey Shore Guitar Garage visit:

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